Creating an intelligent

trading ecosystem

We are revolutionising mobile investing for digital assets with a unified, all-in-one app and a new way to trade alerts.

intelligent, intuitive, and interconnected +++ intelligent, intuitive, and interconnected +++
intelligent, intuitive, and interconnected +++ intelligent, intuitive, and interconnected +++


Fully integrated, community driven and imbued with functionality. Designed to offer rapid trade execution, context, automation and seamless sharing.


Connect all your accounts to a single, mobile interface. Manage positions and execute sophisticated order types with ease.


Translate your trading intentions into action through natural language. Introducing autonomous agents for intuitive, intent-based trading.


Securely Store, Effortlessly Transact, Earn Rewards, and Monitor Investments.


Explore dedicated data sets and metrics for digital asset trading with a definitive edge.


Build a community with ‘Teams Trading’, share insights, and manage accounts collaboratively for greater success.

Investing with an Edge

An ecosystem built for the modern trader. Where intelligence meets mobility, and community drives success.

George Stevens

Founder / CEO


  • 5 Years Brand Management
  • 5 Years Trading Digital Assets
  • Degree Business + Marketing Management

Benjamin Christmann

Co-Founder / CFO


  • 10 Years Data Analyst
  • 10 Years Trading
  • 2 Years Hedge Fund
  • B.Sc Information Engineering

Haris Jaqubi

Co-Founder / COO & Product


  • 8 Years Wealth Management
  • 7 Years Strategy Consulting
  • 5 Years Product Management
  • B.Sc Information Engineering

Simon Daubermann

Co-Founder / Brand & Design


  • 15 Years Brand Consulting + Design
  • 10 Years CEO
  • 3 Year Computer Science Apprenticeship

Abdullah Bodhur

Software Engineer


  • 4 Years Software Development
  • 3 Years Algo Trading

Aaron Hammond



  • 1 Year CTO One Trading
  • 1 Year CTO Bitpanda
  • 18 Years Software Development
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